Refrigerated Trucks for Sale in Ontario

Isuzu Reefer Delivery Truck

Make an Isuzu Your Next Reefer Delivery Truck

Located in Ontario, Humberiew Truck’s qualified commercial truck experts have the expertise and experience to help you build the perfect work-ready reefer truck.

Refrigerated cube trucks are temperature-controlled trucks used for transporting temperature-sensitive goods like meat, fruits and vegetables, cakes, flowers, pharmaceuticals, and other perishable products. Reefer trucks are one link in what is known as the "cold chain," or the transportation of temperature-sensitive products along a supply chain through thermal and refrigerated packaging methods and logistical planning to protect the integrity of these shipments.

Because transporting temperature-sensitive goods involves each of these elements, it’s a process that involves science and technology, with elements such as cooling systems, storage, transport, processing and distribution. Staying within standard temperature ranges for your cargo is vital to the integrity of a shipment along the supply chain, and for perishables, it enables to ensure optimal shelf life. Any divergence can result in irrevocable and expensive damage; a product can simply lose any market value or utility.

No matter your cargo, you’ll rely on your truck to keep your goods fresh from the warehouse to their final destination. Isuzu offers numerous insulated/refrigerated and dry van bodies to fit your needs.

your ultimate craft beer truck

Isuzu: The Ultimate Craft Beer Truck

Isuzu trucks also have been transformed into “the ultimate craft beer trucks.”

With built-in quality and safety standards like exceptional visibility, 90-degree door-opening and a 49.5-degree wheel cut angle for navigating city streets; and available options like storage boxes for event materials, a locking beverage door, serving station, tuckaway liftgate and a retractable awning, you’re sure to find just what you need with an Isuzu refrigerated craft beer cube truck.

The Isuzu Craft Beer Truck can perform double-duty – operating as a refrigerated truck during the week, and then turn into the ultimate festival truck, with its 8-tap beer station.

Reefer Trucks in Ontario

Humberview Trucks can find you the right Isuzu truck to meet all your moving and delivery business needs. The Isuzu N-Series (NPR, NRR, NQR) and FTR have a versatile chassis to accommodate moving and delivery applications, along with gas and diesel options.