Low Cab Forward Utility Trucks for Lawncare and Landscaping

Open back utilityWhen your landscaping business relies on a dependable, versatile work truck, Isuzu is the ideal choice to upfit commercial landscaping trucks. Whether you choose an NPR, NRR, or NQR, there are a variety of configurations, including the popular open landscape truck. The open landscape truck offers a host of options like utility shelves, a power tool storage system, on-board fueling stations, backup cameras, a receiver hitch, tie downs and more.

The Isuzu N-Series lineup from Humberview Trucks includes four wheelbases from 109 to 176-in. and can accommodate bodies ranging from 10 to 20 ft. with a GVWR up to 14,500 lbs.

Choose a diamond plate floor and ramp, a fold-down passenger side, lockable boxes for safe storage, stirrup steps, fueling stations and more. Further customize your open utility truck with solid steel sides, weed eater, blower and shovel racks, a receiver hitch, tool boxes, water racks, D-Ring tie downs or a variety of other features that will help your crew stay efficient and productive. No more taking multiple trips back to the shop or taking extra trucks because of a lack of cargo space. The Isuzu open utility landscape truck can haul your crew and everything they need for a day’s work.


The Isuzu low-cab-forward (LCF) design is known for providing outstanding visibility and maneuverability. Less mass in front of the cab gives the driver and passengers more visibility compared to traditional cabs. This not only helps to make driving an Isuzu truck easier, but also helps to enhance safety for the driver.


  • Greater cargo capacity.
  • Cab design allows more crew passengers
  • Workhorse engines with GVWR range from 12,000 to 19,500 pounds.

If you are a member of Landscape Ontario, you can take advantage of programs offering discounts on a wide range of business products and services. Most of these benefits are administered by the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA). Isuzu trucks qualify for special pricing. Learn more.

Isuzu Open Utility Trucks Set Your Landscape Business Apart From the Rest

Not every landscape and lawncare business is created the same – it’s your specialties that set you apart. Whether your focus is lawncare, landscape, or hardscape, Humberview can help you find your perfect truck.

Isuzu is the ideal choice for jobs where maneuverability is just as important as hauling capacity. With a 49.5-degree wheel-cut angle, Isuzu trucks allow for a tighter turning radius than its competitors, which combined with outstanding visibility has made Isuzu a perfect truck for residential lawn care, where tight spaces are navigated daily.

From hauling mowers and equipment to delivering rock or gravel, plants and shrubs, or stones and pavers, the Isuzu’s range of capabilities are sure to fit your business’s needs. Isuzu’s roomy cabs—with the standard cab seating for 3 or the crew cab seating for 7—make getting your crew to the job sites easy. And with its best-in-class mileage and fuel economy, it’s no wonder Isuzu is the top-selling low cab forward truck in North America.

Humberview Trucks is your source for the Isuzu Open Utility Landscaper. Check out our available inventory.

Isuzu Landscape Trucks in Ontario


  • Many configurations and options are available to suit your specific business needs.
  • Loading and unloading mowers is quick and convenient.
  • Safety and reliability you can count on!